Tarifs : 10 tickets card

TransGironde - Gironde le département

Pour qui ?

For all

Prix, Achat et détail

18€ the 10 tickets card (1,80€ / travel)

Achat et utilisation

The 10 tickets card is a smart card, so you must make the request in advance (see below "How to get or top up the 10 tickets card?").

Top up to € 18 your card and travel as much as you want on TransGironde network with 30% discount (or 1,80 € / trip).
Your card  can also be used by the whole family even if it's under your name and with your picture ...

With the same title so you can travel alone or with someone else ! ...

How to get or top up the 10 tickets card?

Top up:


Good to know : You can top up, 3 times in once up to € 54.